Styku is powered by the world’s safest and most precise 3D sensor.

In 2010, Microsoft made commercially available the first 3D camera for motion capture using harmless infrared light. Today, there are over over 20 million users of the Microsoft Kinect.

Although originally intended for Xbox and video games, hackers and innovators realized the sensor could be used for other applications. Styku was the first company to realize its amazing potential for scanning people in a fast, harmless and precise way.

– Meets all international safety regulations.

– Not an x-ray. Uses harmless infrared light.

– 20 million adults and children use it daily.

– 30-40% more precise than competing 3D systems.

– Styku is a Microsoft Partner.


See the Results

The Wellness Package

Fitness Personal trainers and gym owners can leverage Styku’s fitness tools to provide precise body composition without the inconvenience of a dunk tank, but with the precision of a Dexa scan.

Health Fitness Personal trainers and gym owners can leverage Styku’s fitness tools to provide precise body composition without the inconvenience of a dunk tank, but with the precision of a Dexa scan. The Wellness Package Weight-loss clinics, medical spas and other physicians can tie-in key measurements with health risks, and track how those measurements are changing over the course of a wellness program.

Measure Body Fat & Overall Fitness.

Determine body composition and lean vs fat mass every time you scan. Compare your fitness level with national averages and see how you rank. Body Fat Analysis Fat Loss Calculator Caloric Expenditure Set fat loss goals for body fat % and fitness level, and track progress across multiple scans. Reach your goal in a specified amount of time by setting the amount of weight per week you’d like to lose. Styku will determine the required calorie deficit per day to meet your goal. Explore your energy balance by setting your desired activity level to meet your goal and calculate your maximum calorie intake. Precise and convenient body composition, shape and fitness analysis.

Assess & Stratify Health Risk.

Calculate waist circumference and analyze the shape. Determine your risk level for disease using waist circumference and waist-tohip ratio. Body Shape Analysis Risk Analysis Risk Reduction View and track anthropometric measurements, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat changes across multiple scans. Calculate increased likelihood of obesityrelated diseases using anthropometric measurements. Using an interactive calculator, explore how a reduction in anthropometric measurements can reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases. Anthropometric risk assessment tools for central obesity.

Portable & Affordable Hardware.

Lightweight and simple to install.

Hardware Specs

3D Depth Sensor

24” diameter, 23 lbs 550 lbs maximum load Supports 110V and 220V power Safety lock Computer controlled Your subject will stand on this rotating platform so that his or her full body can be captured.


Kinect V2 Depth Sensor .5m – 4.5m range 70º H, 60º V 3D Field of View A 3D depth sensor is used to capture the shape of the subject. The sensor is mounted in the included stand. This robust and sleek stand is designed to mount the sensor securely at the appropriate height to capture full body scans. Included is a sturdy base that takes up 35% less space than a universal tripod. 10” diameter base, 5” diameter shaft 13 lbs 46” height

Stand & Base

Styku runs on an included Windows 8 or newer computer with the following specs:


Intel i7 processor or equivalent 4 GB DDR3 RAM Dedicated USB 3.0 SuperSpeed bus with supported chipset DirectX 11 graphics card with at least 1 GB of dedicated video memory

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